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To review her 100 days in office, Vhembe Executive Mayor, Cllr Freda Nkondo, gathered the media fratenity at the Mayoral Board room on the 28th of February 2024 so that the public can analyse her leadership.

Remarking on her performance, the Executive Mayor said : “In my hundred days in office, I conducted many activities and attended various meetings throughout the local municipalities in order to be on board with matters related to service delivery in the district.”

Explaining her activities, the Cllr Nkondo said: “My first program, amongst others, I visited various water treatment plants to inspect their conditions regarding water provision to our communities and I realized that lot of work still need to be done especially regarding the maintenance and refurbishment of our water plants.

“The municipality has procured and handed over ten (10) vehicles for operation and maintenance of water infrastructure. By the end of February, vacant positions many meant for technical services will be advertised. In an effort to improve the response to fire and rescue incidents, the municipality has unveiled three new fire tankers equipped with new technology efficiency.

“I have met with senior traditional leaders to take them onboard and to seek their cooperation regarding service delivery matter, and I also held a Mayoral Imbizo at Mbodi tsha fhasi on the 29th November 2023.”

Cllr Nkondo further highlited that “the district municipality has future plans regarding water provision throughout the district, amongst others; There are plans to construct bulk pipeline and internal reticulation for Damani to Vondwe, Makhuvha, Tshidimbini, Makhuvha including Dopeni, Shanzha, Tshirenzheni,Mudunungu, Milaboni, Seloam in Thulamela.Local Municipality”

She added: ” Plans are in place in Musina Local Municipality to replace an existing dilapidated 40 years old steel pipeline from Limpopo pump station to Oorplass pump station and the replacement of dilapidated asbestos sewerage pipeline network and also the construction of bulk water pipeline from Valdezia to Mulima via Vleifontein, Elim, Mpheni and Mailaskop and the transfer water from the Vondo water plant to Ndzhelele Valley under Makhado Local Municipality”

According to the Executive Mayor: “The Municipality will construct a bulk pipeline and internal reticulation for Xitlhelani, Shingwedzi, Halahala, Lombard, Muchipisi, Dinga,  Boltman, Matsakali, Merwe, Mabayeni, Jilongo, Mtititi and Altein through the Nandoni Reginal water scheme.”

Cllr Nkondo concluded: “Water projects will be implemented throughout the district and all community structures should work together so that residents can share water resources together and stop the vandalism of our water infrastructure”.