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“I am a MAN and I…” Campaign

November 24, 2023


The “I am a MAN and I” campaign is a joint initiative of the GBV cluster in the Voice and Choice Southern Africa Fund that will be amplified during the Sixteen Days of Activism 2023.

In a world striving for change and equality, it’s crucial to recognise that men play a vital role in combating Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Men hold a critical role as allies, advocates, and change-makers in this fight for a safer society.

I am a man and I recognize my role in creating change: do you? GBV affects us all, and it’s our collective responsibility to address this pressing issue. By actively participating and being aware, men can contribute significantly to the prevention and eradication of GBV.

This campaign aims to raise awareness about gender-based violence (GBV) and involve men in taking a stand against it. The content is structured to educate, engage, and encourage men to actively support survivors and contribute to creating a safer society. Subsequent content focuses on educating men about their role in ending GBV, understanding consent, intervening as bystanders, and questioning their own actions to prevent sexual assault.

The campaign concludes with a call to action, urging men to reflect on their behaviour and commitment to a violence-free society during the 16 Days of Activism. Throughout the campaign, the audience is encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences, and actions using the hashtag to foster community and collective action.

The “I am a MAN and I…” campaign aims not only to challenge societal norms but to create a space where men actively contribute to the fight against GBV. Through inclusive support and global collaboration, the team seeks to make a significant impact on the journey toward a world free from gender-based violence. 


  • Amplification of Men’s voices: Challenge stereotypes and engage men in actively combating GBV.
  • Inclusive support: Foster a space where all victims, regardless of gender, race, or classification, can access services and support.
  • Global solidarity: Connect partners from over 10 countries virtually to emphasize the global importance of addressing GBV.
  • On-Site Services: Provide practical, on-site services to survivors through various departments and civil society organisations.

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