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Nkondo pledges to provide clean drinkable water and proper sanitation


The newly elected Executive Mayor of the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM), Tsakani Freda Nkondo pledged herself to provide clean drinkable water and sanitation to the communities around the district because   water is a basic need and proper sanitation.

Nkondo was elected on Thursday, 16 November, during the VDM special council meeting which was held in the chamber, just a few days after the former Executive mayor , Dowelani Nenguda  resigned from his position and was later elected as  VDM speaker.

“Our mandate is to cater for the needs of the people as entrenched in the constitution of the country. We want residents of the VDM to get the basic needs and we will also work well with traditional leaders as they are custodians of the people in their communities,” said Nkondo.

According to Nkondo the main objective of the district municipality is to provide clean drinkable water and proper sanitation to the people in the district and I applaud the success that my predecessors have made so far.

She said the high rate of unemployment, especially for young people in  the communities, crime,  gender based violence and tribalism are things that the VDM was facing and she urged  people to join hands and end the scourge.

Nkondo  said soon as she   assumed her duties as Executive Mayor,  Nkondo said she will appoint the social development committee in all local municipalities  , which according to her will help to detect challenges the communities around  are facing , especially the provision of water and sanitation.

She was worried with the poor audit opinion the district was facing, saying it imperative for all of them including employees and officials  in VDM, to apply preventative manners, which will help the district to comply with the Municipal’s System Act and finally got clean audit outcome.

Nkondo appointed full times Member of Mayoral Committees (MMC’s), Myelani Chauke, as the head of finance, Samuel Munyai (former mayor of Makhado) will lead, technical services, Joyce Bila, Local Economic Development (LED) and Planning, Joyce Mukwevho, Corporate Services,  and Rose Mathukha , Community Services.

Meanwhile, Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) representative in the Vhembe region, Fhatuwani Begwa criticized the decision taken by the ANC during the council meeting, which elected Nkondo as the new Executive Mayor of the Vhembe district saying it was just change for the position to

According to Begwa, Nkondo was the speaker of the district and was unable to lead and bring changes in the VDM council sitting and hoped she wouldnot be able to handle the whole district.

The Democratic Alliance (DA)  representative in the Vhembe region, Thelma Marole said although she cannot comment on things happening in the ANC, she was worried with changes were made, rather than giving better services to the people.

Marole said they are welcoming Nkondo as new Executive Mayor, hoping she will work hard to improve services such as the provision of clean water and proper sanitation.

Above: The newly elected Executive Mayor of the Vhembe District (VDM), Tsakani Freda Nkondo, photographed soon after being sworn in to lead the district