Hollywood Foundation brings its Purple Hearts to communities in Limpopo

Water scarcity in Limpopo has had a significant negative impact on public health, sanitation, and overall quality of life for residents in affected areas. The Hollywood Foundation is taking proactive steps to support the community with challenges in the region.
The Foundation’s Borehole Campaign is a valuable initiative to provide a sustainable water supply to households, which can greatly improve living conditions and reduce vulnerability in areas with waterborne diseases.
With an investment of 1.3 Million, this initiative demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to addressing a critical issue that has plagued our communities for an extended period.
The project’s focus on establishing nine boreholes and connecting them to 42 JoJo tanks and the distribution of 536 water carriers, is an effective approach to providing a sustainable solution to the water crisis. By distributing these resources across villages in Phalaborwa, Makhado and Polokwane, the Hollywood Foundation aims to improve water accessibility and storage for the residents. This not only ensures a cleaner and more hygienic water supply but also enhances the communities’ resilience against ongoing water shortages.
In the area of health and well-being, the Hollywoood Foundation confronted issues affecting the region through the refurbishment of a Pediatric Ward at the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital. The organisation believes that the child-friendly environment will aid in the physical recovery of young patients, as well as address their emotional and mental well-being, which can play a crucial role in their healing process.
Speaking at the handover event, Ms Grace Munghangu, a community member of Tshikota Village said, “We approached Hollywood Foundation and asked for their assistance in getting systems, that will ensure that the community has a supply of water. We never envisioned that the team from Hollywood Foundation would provide a contribution, that entailed a Borehole, four JoJo tanks and water barrows. This means alot to us, as we believe that it will bring relief to many community members.
Vuyisile Ngobese, Public Relations Officer at Hollywood Foundation said, “The programmes Hollywood Foundation has embarked on to address water scarcity, support health programs, and enhance healthcare facilities, demonstrate our commitment to improving the lives of residents in the Limpopo region. We hope that such initiatives will create lasting positive impact on both the physical and social well-being of the community.”

Issued by: Hollywood Foundation