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Spearheaded by Honourable Mayor Cllr Athingozwidivha Sarah Rambuda, Thulamela Local Municipality recently interreacted with communities members at Tshibvumo village in Dzimauli during an Imbizo (Public participation Program).

The Mayoral Imbizo affords an opportunity to community members to submit their service delivery needs to the respective public representatives and various spheres of government.

During the Mayoral Imbizo , the Mayor visited Mr Aifheli Mphigalale from Pfimbida village in Dzimauli.

Mr Mphigalale has been living in a dilapidated mud house with his wife and 6 children. 

As a way to respond to the call of helping the needy, the Mayor pledged to build a house for them.

“We are appealing to the family to be patient because the house  we are bringing will be constructed in the next financial year which is starting on the 1st of July  2023” Cllr Rambuda said.

Members of the Community also raised various challenges pertaining to services delivery that they are facing in their daily lives such as lack of tarred road, water, electricity, amongst others.

His Majesty Thovhele Vho Ratshibvumo II Rambuda said the Thulamela Municipality Mayoral Imbizo was a result of engaging traditional leadership and community members of ward 15. 

Thovhele Vho Rambuda made a call to the Mayor Cllr Athingozwidivha Sarah Rambuda to bring services to the people especially main road of Pile Village. 

The Mayor said issues affecting community members of ward 15 will be included in Municipal plans or IDP.

“We will add all issues raised by community members in our IDP and refer other issues that are not under our political control and management to the relevant departments ,” said Cllr Rambuda.

The imbizo was attended by traditional leadership, Sanco , community members and other local structures.